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by Tammy Roberson

Just Yell Fire – Teaching Girls to Defend Themselves Against Assaults & Abductions

In 2010, San Diego lost a beautiful, intelligent, caring, loving and vibrant teenager named Chelsea King. Her bright future was cut short when a sexual predator stole her life away as she jogged in a popular community park. Chelsea’s murder captivated our community’s attention and all of us felt the loss of this wonderful child….

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by Fannie Franklin

What the 70’s Were Really Like – A Teenage Perspective

Have you ever been frustrated when someone (okay, a teenager) tries to explain what the 70’s were really like when you were alive and they weren’t? Do they even realize what “moves like Jagger” means? Do they know that Peter Frampton makes Justin Bieber look like a twelve-year old girl, even with his long hair…

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by Adrienne George

Unanswered Questions On Comic Book Conventions That You Should Know About

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to pay a visit to comic con, then you’ll understand that people often take lots of stuff along with you. You need a mobile phone to enable you to update your social networking sites when you’re there, to ensure that all your buddies will be jealous. Moreover, you will…

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